Jos Mertens

Lawyer • Partner

Jos Mertens practices corporate law, real estate law and arbitration.

Jos Mertens holds a law degree from Ghent University (1974) and a special licence in European law from Ghent University (1975).

He also attended seminars at the Paris International Chamber of Commerce (Institute of International Business Law in Practice: International Construction Contract (November 1986) and International Arbitration (October 1988).

Jos Mertens has been a lawyer at the Ghent Bar since 1974. He is a founding partner of MDP.

He is regularly appointed as an arbitrator in national and international arbitrations.

Jos Mertens was a curator for many years.

He was also a Belgian member of the Committee on Company Law of the C.C.B.E. (the Council of the Bars and Law Societies of the European Community).

For many years, he also chaired the European section of Legal Netlink Alliance - Lawyers Worldwide, a Global Organisation of Independent Law Firms.

Since 1987, he has also been a deputy judge at the Commercial Court Ghent, Ghent Division.

Jos Mertens is also a founding member and member of the Board of Directors of VZW I-Prof, Interprofessional Association of Notaries, Lawyers and Accountants.


Company law and law of associations
M & A
Real estate and property promotion
Construction law
National and international arbitration