MDP International

MDP is a founding member of Legal Netlink Alliance (LNA), an international network of reputable independent law firms.

Being part of this network allows us to efficiently source the help of specialised law firms worldwide whenever we handle files with an international element. That membership is very important to MDP; after all, many of our clients operate internationally and/or we often handle files with an international element. On a very regular basis, we are therefore in contact with firms within our network that provide us and our clients with specialised assistance. On the other hand, we too are often called in to handle the Belgian side of international files.

Moreover, LNA members also meet periodically at international get-togethers (within and outside of Europe), strengthening ties, getting to know each other (better) and exchanging experiences. MDP is invariably present at these conferences.

If you want to know more about this network, feel free to take a look at Legal Netlink Alliance (LNA) where you will find more information. Of course, you can always contact us about this.