Construction and building law

MDP has been assisting various contractors, but also other actors in the construction process (building owners, promoters, architects, study agencies, insurance companies, etc.) for many years, answering all their legal questions and defending all their interests in various diverse disputes concerning construction and private and public contracting.

Our thorough legal knowledge coupled with some technical insight, built up over years of practice, as well as our efficient and pragmatic approach, are undoubtedly major assets in this respect.

MDP's good contacts with various industry professional bodies ensures fruitful interaction, giving MDP a great feel for the current legal challenges of the construction industry.

Through the "Global Construction and Infrastructure Group" within Legal Netlink Alliance, MDP can actually assist and advise its clients across borders.

Recent projects

  • Preparation and screening of (sub)contracting agreements
  • Conducting negotiations and advising on construction and contracting issues
  • Proceedings, including expert assessments, on construction and contracting (payments, defective and/or untimely performance, additional works and settlements, completions, etc.)
  • Breyne Act disputes
  • Direct claims