IT and data legislation

MDP also focuses on the rapidly evolving information society and the legal challenges it poses.


MDP boasts the expertise of lawyers who have many years of experience in assisting and advising on the legal challenges posed by the ever-increasing digitisation of private, public and economic life.

These are the "newer" branches of law that are in full and continuous evolution and for which it is necessary to keep close track of recent developments.  In addition, it concerns areas that often attract media and public attention and where breaches are heavily sanctioned.

MDP can fully assist you in this domain, both in terms of contract and advisory work, as well as assisting you with administrative authorities and guiding you through dispute resolution.

Specific services

MDP assists its clients in the following areas, among others: 

  • IT law:
    • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating a wide range of IT-releated contracts (such as software development, cloud computing, SLAs, IT outsourcing, T&C for IT services, and many more)
    • Advice on all legal aspects relating to the purchase and sale of IT services
  • Legislation on the use of “data” (GDPR, e-privacy, data security, …)
    • Privacy-audit, data strategy, and establishing alle necessary documents
    • Development of privacy compliance governance programs
    • Advice on data, data security and drafting of relevant contracts and other documents
  • Digitisation of society and economic life
    • Advice and assistance on digital initiatives (think of AI, IoT, big data, …)
    • Preparation of compliance programs to manage digitisation
  • Online consumer and business law
    • Consultancy and contractual work
    • Online projects (e.g. transactional platforms)
  • Online advertising and marketing (incl. pricepromotions, gaming and games of chance)